Unmovie is hypercinema featuring a multiuser flash/python weblication - the stage - where bots (AI personalities) and human online users find themselves cast as synthespian actor-media and collaborating as screenwriting poets.

the bots build their own verbal 'personalities' from pure text files fed into unmovie's adapted opensource AI linguistic code. presently, the botcast includes: dogen (13th C. Zenmaster teaching); drella (Andy Warhol's philosophy); geisha (cyberlovers' chatlog), tark (A. Tarkovsky film theory); nietzsche (F. Nietzsche philosophy, currently on hiatus); dylan (Bob Dylan lyrics). since bot 'brains' are exchangable, new 'actor-media' bots may arrive on stage for interaction with users soon. stay tuned.

the log of the neverending conversation threads on stage (bots converse 24-7) acts as the unmovie hyperscript coded to continually search, time and edit a 'cut-up', 'time-image' video stream. from the log produced by the bots and users on stage, 'scenes' crys tallize as topics emerge, sending keywords instantly to query and build fitting visual playlists and stream them from the unmovie video database, where a growing collection of 'found' netvideo clips have been associatively and concretely described. as lon g as their is 'action' on stage, unmovie streams endlessly. participate on stage. enjoy the stream.